Naked JWOWW Pictures

JWOWW Topless Photo Real or Fake

Well we all know Jenny Farley’s boobs are fake but what about dis JWOWW topless picture? Apparently what had happened was… this JWOWW boob pic was taken before her bodacious boob job in 2008 by her then boyfriend. Something tells me that this pic is way fake but you be da judge.

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JWOWW Topless Pictures

I woulda never imagined jwoww’s nipples to be blue. They did look a lil purple in these pics but this is redic. Anyways, you can tell dees are old pics since she doesn’t look like a crackhead like in this season”s furst episode. BLAH.

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Jennifer Farley Nipple Slip


Pictures of Jennifer JWOWW Farley lettin a little nip slip in hot top. Lets not forget about da girl on girl kissin action in pic 2.

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JWoww Nipple See Through

Ayo Jwoww I think you forgot your brar. Well at least it gives us a clea shot of ya boobs. Dees Jenni Farley pictures proves she’s one classy broad.

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